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Fic: Connection

Title: Connection
Author/Artist: emmacmf/fics_by_fumph
Prompt: Harry wants to introduce Ginny to his aunt and uncle before their wedding, but Vernon and Petunia stand them up and Dudley is the only one that shows. Additional Characters/Pairings: Dudley/a witch would be awesome.
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 3788
Summary: Preparing for his marriage to Ginny, Harry decides to invite the only remaining link to his parents - the Dursleys.
Notes: Thank you to my lovely tmblue for the beta (on her 'phone, no less!).
Disclaimer: These characters - and my heart - belong to J.K. Rowling.

ConnectionCollapse )

Fic: Hand-Me-Down

Title: Hand-Me-Down
Pairing: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Rating: G
Word Count: 3800
Summary: Harry's lack of family history and tradition has never bothered him before – until now.
Author/Artist's Notes: Thank you to the lovely shocolate and tmblue for taking a look at this for me.

Written for the takingitinturns 'Making Magic' fest. govcampbell asked for: Harry as expectant father, being giddy, or the like; a conversation with Arthur about being a father; appearances by Ron and Hermione. Transfiguration, with a McGonagall cameo.

Hand-me-downCollapse )

Fic: Ticking the Boxes

Fic for my shocolate and her poor tired feet.

Title: Ticking the Boxes
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Word count: 2105
Summary: Hermione helps an old lady fill out her Wizarding census form.
Author's note: Thank you to my lovely tmblue for the super-speedy beta *squishes* And this is my first Ron/Hermione!

Ticking the BoxesCollapse )

Fic: When Harry Nicked Nicholas

Title: When Harry Nicked Nicholas
Author: fics_by_fumph
Rating: G
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Word Count: 4520
Summary: Harry makes an arrest in the early hours of Christmas Day.
Author’s Notes: Thank you to shocolate, who valiantly risked her dental health to beta this syrupy-sweet Christmas fic.

When Harry Nicked NicholasCollapse )

Fic: Give It Time

Title: Give It Time
Author: emmacmf/fics_by_fumph
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2500
Summary: Time Heals All Wounds: Something between Harry and Ginny had been damaged, but with time, it would mend.
A/N: Thank you aggiebell90 for the beta and the pep talk. You rock, my lovely. Written for the Passage of Time Challenge at hpgw_otp
Give It TimeCollapse )


I always forget to check my flist over here, so when I do, I usually end up at around skip100 or so - so how come when I checked in today, I could only get as far as skip80 before it wouldn't let me go any further?

Does anybody have any ideas, please?



Seriously. WOW.

I had the most wonderful week ever in New York, and not just because of seeing Equus eight times.

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